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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Education Minister Clay Serby today announced $120,000 in community

education funding for the Yorkton area to help the Yorkdale, Yorkton

Public and Yorkton Roman Catholic Separate school divisions work

together to provide services for at-risk children and their families.

"We are pleased to support this partnership between the Yorkton area

school divisions and other community partners," said Serby. "The

partners will be working together to develop programs that best meet

the needs of their students."

Community education funding supports programs such as in-school social

workers, counselors and home/school liaisons to help build positive

relationships between the home and the school.

"The role of the school has changed," said Serby. "Schools now need

more support to help them address the educational and social needs of

their students. By integrating resources in the schools, we are

making these resources more available to students, families and


There are approximately 4,500 students enrolled in 18 schools in the

three divisions.

"I am pleased that the three boards are looking at common

solutions to their problems and creating what may be a model for

other communities who wish to collaborate," said Serby.


For further information contact:

Darlene McLeod

Saskatchewan Education


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