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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Economic and Co-operative Development Minister Janice MacKinnon said

that The New Generation Co-operatives Act being debated in the

legislature will enable new generation co-operatives to be created,

providing producers with a valuable tool to maintain and create

value-added opportunities and jobs in rural Saskatchewan.

New generation co-operatives represent an emerging trend sweeping the

plains regions in Canada and the USA. "New gen" co-ops use the

governance structures of traditional co-ops, such as democratic

control represented by one-member, one-vote. However, this model

typically requires higher levels of equity investment from its

members. Membership is generally limited to those who purchase

delivery rights and each member may have a tied-contract with the

co-operative, stipulating delivery rights and obligations.

These co-operatives add value to raw product through secondary

processing. There is interest in forming such co-ops in emerging

specialty markets such as bison, pasta, wild boar, herbs and spices.

New generation co-ops offer innovative options to process products in

Saskatchewan, creating jobs throughout the province.

"Our government is pursuing a strategy to promote value added

processing while retaining the benefits of that activity in rural

communities," MacKinnon said. "We are introducing this

legislation to build on our co-op model. With their emphasis on

partnership, participation and people, co-ops can be powerful

partners in this strategy."

"Co-operatives are flexible in meeting new needs. In fact,

co-operatives seem to form and thrive the most in times of rapid

change. New generation co-operatives are the most recent example

of co-ops' adaptability and have great potential to create jobs

and opportunities in rural Saskatchewan."

MacKinnon said that co-operatives have been key partners in the

diversification of the Saskatchewan economy over the decades, and

have been in the forefront of innovative technologies, products

and services.

"Co-ops have shaped our province they are part of our social

and economic fabric," MacKinnon said. "They will continue to be

an equally vital part of our future."


For more information, contact:

Bob Ellis

Economic and Co-operative Development


Phone: (306) 787-1691
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