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Saturday, March 28, 2015


The Government of Saskatchewan has introduced The Election Amendment Act, 2010 to require voters at provincial elections to produce approved identification, such as government-issued photo ID.

Voters are already required to show approved ID to vote in federal elections and in provincial elections in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

"This is the standard for the next general federal election," Justice Minister Don Morgan said. "It is appropriate - and necessary - that Saskatchewan follow suit to ensure the integrity of our provincial electoral process."

Voters without government issued photo ID will be required to show other forms of ID or have another voter with the required ID vouch for them. The list of other allowable forms of identification will be extensive. It will be developed after further consultation with stakeholders and set out in the regulations once the Bill has passed.

"The Election Amendment Act ensures that the long-established identity and residency rules for voting are demonstrably followed," Morgan said. "It will not prevent legitimate voters from voting."

The Government of Saskatchewan also introduced The Local Government Election Amendment Act, 2010. It, too, will require voters to show identification verifying their name and address, prior to voting in municipal elections.

"Voter identification improves accountability and transparency in local elections," Municipal Affairs Minister Darryl Hickie said. "These amendments help our entire province move forward."

Amendments to The Local Government Election Act also fulfill the government's commitment to extend the term of office to four years from two or three for those successful in municipal and school division elections.

"The extension of terms of office will help municipal councils and school divisions plan and implement longer term goals, and ultimately achieve more effective and efficient local governance," Hickie said.


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