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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Saskatchewan's education system continues to perform well overall, according to

Saskatchewan Education Indicators 2000, a report on the province's Kindergarten

to Grade 12 school system.

"Assessment and evaluation initiatives like Indicators help us to improve the

quality of education for Saskatchewan's students," Education Minister Jim

Melenchuk said. "Indicators 2000 shows Saskatchewan students understand

technology and enjoy using it; their grasp of scientific concepts is on par

with students from the rest of Canada, and the vast majority intend to pursue

post-secondary education."

In a provincial technological literacy assessment of Grade 5, 8 and 11

students, the vast majority demonstrated a solid understanding of technology

and its impact on society. Likewise, most students felt confident working with

computers and learning new things with a computer.

One in seven Grade 5, more than half of Grade 8 and four out of five Grade 11

students demonstrated good computer word processing skills, while fewer

students at each level demonstrated good Internet search skills.

In a national assessment of student achievement in science, results for

Saskatchewan 13 and 16-year-olds were on par with the rest of Canada. More

than three-quarters of students achieved adequate or better results, an

improvement from a similar national assessment in 1996.

The report shows Saskatchewan school enrolment continues to decline,

particularly in rural school divisions. Despite the decline in the total

enrolment, the number of Aboriginal school-aged children is increasing. About

20 per cent of school-aged children in Saskatchewan are Aboriginal, up from 16

per cent in 1991. The report also shows an increase in the number of

Aboriginal teachers, providing more potential role models for Aboriginal

students in Saskatchewan schools.

More than three-quarters of Saskatchewan Grade 12 students (77 per cent) and

nearly two-thirds of Aboriginal Grade 12 students (64 per cent) intend to

pursue post-secondary education.

"We face a number of challenges in the coming years, including changing

demographics and changing technology," Melenchuk said. "The information in

Indicators will help us identify areas where we are doing very well and other

areas where we need to do more."

The Saskatchewan Education Indicators program was developed in co-operation

with Saskatchewan teachers, school trustees, administrators and the business

community. The Provincial Auditor has identified the Indicators program as an

example of "leadership in reporting" for government. The report released today

is the seventh in the series.


For further information contact:

David Anderson

Saskatchewan Education


Phone: (306) 787-2362

(The Indicators report is available on the Saskatchewan Education Internet

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