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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) is entering into a strategic relationship with the Conservation Learning Centre (CLC) in Prince Albert to conduct environmental research and demonstration projects. The five-year agreement runs to 2014, allowing both organizations to continue demonstrating research projects that have forestry, agricultural and environmental components.

"The Saskatchewan Research Council is pleased to work with the Conservation Learning Centre to promote agriculture, forestry and environmentally-sustainable practices," Vice-president of Environment and Forestry at SRC Joe Muldoon said. "Our agreement with the centre ensures that we are able to continue conducting research in a unique environment. Having access to a field laboratory environment is critical to a number of our current research projects."

Uniquely situated between two ecosystems - the boreal forest and aspen parkland - the CLC is located 18 kilometers south of Prince Albert on Highway 2. The area hosts wetland, wildlife and arable land, making it ideally suited to several SRC research projects, including: the Balsam Poplar Common Garden project done in conjunction with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada using species from across North America; 10 acres of the newest hybrid poplar clones; and a willow biomass trial that will test the feasibility of growing willow in short rotation for bioenergy purposes. Field trials are often a critical step in the research process to prove out new technologies and theories.

"We're delighted to be able to partner with SRC, an internationally renowned research organization," CLC Board of Directors Chairman Larry White said. "This agreement ensures that farmers in the area will continue to have access to research and field scale demonstrations dealing with the latest technology in agriculture, agro-forestry, bioenergy and conservation of soil, air and water."

As a learning facility, the CLC will benefit from having a wide variety of demonstration projects located on-site. Through extension activities with educators and industry, both SRC and CLC's sphere of influence will be expanded.

In August 2009, at the request of the provincial government, SRC assumed responsibility for the agro-forestry and bioenergy research and program functions that were carried out by the Prince Albert-based Forest First organization. The agreement announced today builds on a previous contract that Forest First and the CLC shared.

About SRC

The Saskatchewan Research Council is Saskatchewan's leading provider of applied research and development (R&D), and technology commercialization. With more than 370 employees, more than $50 million in annual revenues, and more than 63 years of R&D experience, the corporation provides services and products to companies around the world. The Environment and Forestry division provides a wide-range of expertise and services to assist organizations and businesses in meeting specific environmental needs and challenges. Some of the areas we work in include: air quality, environmental remediation, ecosystems, climatology, forest ecology and remote sensing.

About CLC

The Saskatchewan Conservation Learning Centre Inc. (CLC) is an applied research and demonstration facility that focuses on agricultural practices, conservation of soil, water and the enhancement of wildlife habitat. It serves as a field laboratory for evaluation and applicability of new research and technology. The CLC is a working farm and, as such, provides effective interactive learning experiences to agricultural producers, students, researchers, industry personnel and the general public.


For more information, contact:

Erin Taman Athmer
Saskatchewan Research Council
Phone: 306-933-7089
Cell: 306-381-3407

Larry White
Conservation Learning Centre
Prince Albert
Phone: 306-764-7320
Cell: 306-961-6765

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