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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Saskatchewan is a great place to live, work and do business. Eighty-three per

cent of respondents agreed with that statement and 16 per cent disagreed

according to a government poll conducted in December.

When asked if Saskatchewan should have an official sport, 36 per cent said

yes. The majority of those respondents suggested curling be the official sport

(47 per cent) with hockey in second place (31 per cent).

Polling was conducted by Doug Fast and Associates of Saskatoon in October and

December. There was no poll in November.

The October poll found widespread support for the province's education system.

A large majority of respondents (82 per cent) said they are happy with the

quality of elementary school education. More than three quarters (78 per cent)

think the quality of secondary or high school education is adequate or better

than adequate.

Most respondents (73 per cent) think our post-secondary education and skills

training system is the same or better than the rest of the country. Eighty-

five per cent think the quality of education in those programs is adequate or

better than adequate.

The most commonly named barrier to accessing a post-secondary education was the

cost of tuition (30 per cent). And most respondents (48 per cent) would advise

a young person to choose technical training as opposed to university.

Of those polled in October, 15 per cent of respondents had some high school or

less, 22 per cent had completed high school, 27 per cent had some technical or

university, 18 per cent had a technical diploma and 18 per cent had a

university degree.

The omnibus polling for October and December cost $41,439.

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