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Monday, March 30, 2015


SaskWater announced an $853,000 investment in the purchase and upgrade of the Elbow regional water treatment plant today, providing members of the growing tourist community with confidence in the future stability of their drinking water supply.

"The village council's decision to enter into this agreement with SaskWater will have a resounding positive effect on the community," Minister responsible for SaskWater Peter Prebble said. "By selling the water treatment plant to SaskWater, Elbow has ensured its water quality and supply needs will be met, while maintaining the financial freedom to invest in future community development."

Elbow, which is located just north of Douglas Provincial Park near the shore of Lake Diefenbaker, is a recreation destination hot spot with a population that grows exponentially during peak summer months.

"The community would have difficulty funding essential upgrades to its water treatment system on its own," Elbow Mayor Richard Lindemann said. "This was the right way to go. By entrusting our system to SaskWater, we're all going to feel a lot better about the quality of our drinking water. We are very happy with this arrangement."

SaskWater has agreed to purchase the water treatment system for $375,000. As well, within the first year of purchase, an estimated $468,000 investment will be made in upgrades to the water treatment plant. The improved plant will have the capacity to produce quality water that exceeds current and future regulatory requirements, while ensuring peak demands on supply are met without jeopardizing the integrity of the water treatment system.

The Elbow water treatment plant currently serves about 600 permanent residents in the villages of Elbow, Loreburn and Strongfield, and rural users along the Line 19 Water Pipeline Utility, as well as the Harbor Golf Course. SaskWater's ownership of the Elbow water treatment system will take effect September 1st, 2005.


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