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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Sask Water has agreed to co-operate with a plan by the Alberta government

to study the feasibility of building a dam near the Saskatchewan-Alberta

border in southwest Saskatchewan.

Although the idea behind the project has been around for years, this will

be the first time a comprehensive investigation will be completed.

The site of the proposed dam is approximately 30 kilometres west of Leader

on the South Saskatchewan River.

Possible benefits include irrigation development, hydroelectric power

generation and recreation.

"This is a very preliminary step in this whole process and there are many

factors to be considered with a project of this magnitude," Minister

responsible for Sask Water Ron Osika said. "Although the project could

provide some significant benefits to the local area, we have concerns in

terms of its potential impact on the environment and on the water supply

for Lake Diefenbaker.

"However, we wish to co-operate with Alberta in ensuring that a thorough,

objective study is completed."

The study will look at hydrology, design, cost, benefits and environmental

issues surrounding the proposed project. Stakeholder meetings will also be

held with a final report on the feasibility study expected by year-end.

"I want to emphasize that this announcement is only a feasibility study,"

Osika said.


For more information, contact:

Garnet Gobert

Sask Water

Moose Jaw

Phone: (306) 694-3953
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