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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Lieutenant Governor Lynda Haverstock will be presenting the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal to Bob McGrath at a special presentation Saturday night at the kick-off to the 30th annual Kinsmen Kinettes Telemiracle at the Conexus Arts Centre, Regina.

The Medal recognizes the important role that individuals have played in the development of communities in the province.

"The Saskatchewan Centennial Medal honours individuals for their outstanding contributions," Haverstock said. "We are delighted to be able to present Mr. McGrath with the medal for his generous support of, and involvement in, Saskatchewan people's lives through Telemiracle."

An internationally acclaimed children's entertainer and award-winning writer, Bob McGrath just celebrated his 34th year as one of the original hosts on Sesame Street. Find out more about him at his official website at

Centennial Medal recipients are selected based on the recommendation of government and non-government organizations and Members of the Legislative Assembly. Community leaders, MLAs, Members of Parliament and judges also receive the medal.

"Our provincial motto 'from many peoples strength' is shown in people working together in small towns, cities and communities," Provincial Secretary Glenn Hagel said. "The people we honour with this Medal personify just why many Saskatchewanians have concluded that the world could use a little more Saskatchewan."

By the end of this year, approximately 4,200 Saskatchewan Centennial Medals will have been presented at special ceremonies throughout the province.


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