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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Residents of Saskatoon and visitors joined Premier Lorne Calvert, Learning Minister Deb Higgins and Mayor Donald Atchison today to celebrate the imminent construction of a joint use high school/collegiate/city recreation complex in Saskatoon.

"This unique facility demonstrates our commitment to all Saskatoon students and will help youth in our community achieve education excellence," Calvert said. "I congratulate the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division, Saskatoon Public School Division and the City of Saskatoon on their collaboration in this innovative project."

In total, the government will provide approximately $30 million for the purchase of land and construction of Bethlehem Catholic High School and Tommy Douglas Collegiate; contributing $17 million and $13 million respectively. These projects will be cost-shared with the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division and Saskatoon Public School Division. Integrated with the high schools will be a Civic Recreation Centre with a shared weight room, two auxiliary gymnasiums, a child minding room and support spaces. This portion of the project will be funded by the City of Saskatoon.

The second phase will include construction of a connecting corridor between the two schools, a shared central cafeteria, 50-metre competitive pool, leisure pool, spectator seating and support spaces. It will be funded by all four partners.

"The City of Saskatoon is committed to developing our community in ways that will ensure a vibrant city and a high quality of life for our citizens," Mayor Atchison said. "The Blairmore development is a shining example of this. The unique collaborative approach to this project allowed the partners to share resources, to the benefit of our entire community."

"We're excited that the planning we've done with our stakeholders for Bethlehem Catholic High School is now going to become a reality," Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division chair Jim Carriere said. "We know Bethlehem will be an innovative centre of learning and community, a place where our distinctiveness as Catholic educators will be honoured and celebrated."

"Saskatoon Public Schools is excited that Tommy Douglas Collegiate is a part of this integrated community centre," Saskatoon School Division chair Dan Danielson said. "This will mean many opportunities for our students to enhance their learning by interacting with the community and gaining access to community and shared facilities."

The integrated complex will serve residents living in the eight communities and seven proposed communities within the Blairmore Suburban Development Area. The facility will provide the residents of the community with a space to interact and participate in education, health, culture, recreation and sports programs and activities. Both Tommy Douglas Collegiate and Bethlehem Catholic High School are scheduled to open in the Fall of 2007.


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Nelson Wagner
Saskatchewan Learning
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Saskatoon Public Schools
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Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools
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