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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Deputy Premier and Economic Development Minister Dwain Lingenfelter
today congratulated Seager Wheeler Historic Society Inc. members and
the community of Rosthern on the grand opening of the restored Seager
Wheeler Historic Farm homestead.

Located seven kilometres east of Rosthern on Highway 312 in The Heart
of Canada's Old Northwest tourism region, the 185-acre farm is restored
to its 1926 appearance, and portrays "a century of change" in
agriculture. It includes the original barn and seed cleaning plant,
and an interpretive centre. Flower gardens, orchards, waterfowl
sanctuary, walking trails and test plots for different crops are also
found on the grounds.

"Tourism is a big business in Saskatchewan, generating some $1 billion
a year in tourist expenditures and providing an estimated 40,500 full-
and part-time jobs," Lingenfelter said. "There are tremendous
opportunities for growth in this sector, which is why it was identified
in the province's Partnership for Growth strategy."

Up to 10,000 visitors a year are expected to visit the Seager Wheeler
farm. Guided tours, demonstrations and educational programming
interpret the life of Seager Wheeler (1868-1961), who is known as the
most famous farmer in western Canadian agriculture. He was an
international prize-winner in wheat competitions and author of many
publications on progressive farming. Wheeler's contributions to the
science of farming helped publicize the agricultural potential of the
Canadian prairies in the early 1900s.

The historic farm also introduces visitors to modern farming practices.
Exhibits cover pedigreed seed production, horticulture, soil
conservation and the co-existence of agriculture with nature.

Financial assistance of $34,208 to restore the seed cleaning plant and
to purchase, furnish and renovate the interpretive centre was provided
in part through the Canada-Saskatchewan Western Economic Partnership
Agreement on Tourism. The federal- provincial program stimulates
regional economic development by contributing to tourism opportunities
that build upon Saskatchewan's tourism base. The Seager Wheeler
project cost over the past five years is about $600,000.

"Agriculture has always been an important part of the provincial
economy and will continue to be," Lingenfelter said. "This historic
farm not only adds to a well-known rural tourism region, but also
illustrates to the world's increasingly urban population some of the
many complex elements in the art and science of farming today."


For more information, contact:

Larry Janzen
Seager Wheeler Historic Farm
Phone: (306) 232-5588

Jayne Peck
Economic Development
Phone: (306) 787-9088

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