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Monday, April 20, 2015


Donna Scott, Chief Commissioner and Director of the Saskatchewan Human Rights

Commission today announced the settlement of a complaint involving allegations

of sexual harassment in a unionized workplace.

Shannon Regier and Barbara Wollf alleged they were sexually harassed by their

supervisor while working as night cleaners at Midtown Plaza in Saskatoon. The

complainants received $9,000 from Cadillac Fairview Corporation Limited as well

as a letter from a senior company official expressing regret for the hurt

feelings and discomfort they experienced. The amount of $9,000 is to be

divided between the complainants in their own discretion.

"Sexual harassment continues to be a serious problem for women in the

workplace," Scott said. "Last year nearly 12 per cent of the complaints we

received at the commission were sexual harassment complaints. Most of the

alleged harassment occurred in the workplace."

Regier and Wollf first complained to the commission in 1994 that their

supervisor subjected them to steady and ongoing harassment including crude and

degrading comments and behavior.

Cadillac Fairview challenged the Commission's jurisdiction to investigate the

allegations in a unionized workplace. The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal last

year overturned a decision of the Court of Queen's Bench which held that only

an arbitrator under the collective agreement could hear the complaint. The

Court of Appeal ruled the commission has jurisdiction to address allegations of

sexual harassment in a unionized workplace. The complaint was subsequently


Scott said: "It is important for employers to understand they are responsible

for ensuring the workplace is a safe environment, free from sexual harassment

and other forms of discrimination."

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination which is prohibited in

employment under section 16 of The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.

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For more information, contact:

Donna Scott Donalda Ford

Chief Commissioner and Director Assistant Director

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission

Saskatoon Regina

Phone: (306) 933-5952 Phone: (306) 787-2530

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