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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Saskatchewan Justice Minister Chris Axworthy was successful in convincing

Canada's justice ministers to consider a national sex offender registry as he

wrapped up meetings with his federal, provincial and territorial colleagues

yesterday in Iqaluit.

"With particular support from Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, all

ministers agreed we want the best system possible to protect our communities

from high-risk offenders and enhance public protection, particularly for

children," Axworthy said. "We've asked our officials to identify ways to

manage the risks of repeat sex offenders including re-considering a national

sex offender registry."

Federal, provincial and territorial justice ministers have asked to receive the

report at their meeting next year.

Axworthy also strongly supported the development of a national strategy to

combat violence in the media targeted to children and youth.

"We agree that the strategy must include exploring a national approach to

classification of video games, and research into the exposure of children and

youth to violence through the Internet and other media," Axworthy said.

During the two-day meeting, Axworthy called on the federal government to

immediately restore funding for legal aid.

"Saskatchewan's Legal Aid system is an important part of the justice system,"

Axworthy said. "Funding was once a 50/50 shared federal/provincial

responsibility; the federal contribution to legal aid funding now stands at

less than 25 per cent."

Axworthy also called on the federal government to commit the funding necessary

to ensure the provinces have a youth justice system that continues to protect

the public, keep communities safe, hold the most serious violent and repeat

young offenders accountable for their actions and deal appropriately with young

offenders who are willing to learn for their mistakes.


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