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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Municipal Government Minister Carol Teichrob today announced the

proclamation of February 16, 1998, as Heritage Day in Saskatchewan and

designated Regina's Union Station and the Claybank Brick Plant as

provincial heritage property.

Provincial heritage property designation ensures protection of a

building's architectural and historic character.

"As a landmark, Union Station symbolizes the crucial role played by

the railroad in the development of Saskatchewan," Teichrob said. "The

building is unique for its scale, elaboration and design among railway

stations in this province and as such is a monumental example of

public architecture. With its transformation into Casino Regina, its

historical value is unimpaired because the principal features of Union

Station have been preserved in the restoration.

"The Claybank Brick Plant, built in 1914 at Claybank, was a successful

Saskatchewan-based small industry, specializing in the production of

refractory brick. After almost 75 years of continuous operation,

providing face brick used for some of Saskatchewan's most prominent

buildings, it ceased operation in 1989. Although some modernization

of the plant has occurred over time, most of the brick plant still

demonstrates the effective use of efficient 19th century brick

manufacturing technology throughout most of the 20th century."

The Claybank Brick Plant was recognized as a site of national

historic significance in 1997 by the National Historic Sites and

Monuments Board.

Heritage Day is celebrated nationally on the third Monday of

February to recognize the value of heritage resources.

"Saskatchewan's heritage resources have great intrinsic worth to

the people of the province," Teichrob said. "It is through our

heritage that we find images and emblems which identify

Saskatchewan to people across Canada and around the world."


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