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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Labour Minister Joanne Crofford today announced that Saskatchewan

Labour and the University of Saskatchewan have formed a partnership to

improve occupational health services for Saskatchewan working people.

Crofford said the appointment of a Chief Occupational Medical Officer

and the establishment of an occupational health clinic will help in

the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of the occupational

illnesses and diseases working people face.

"Working with the College of Medicine, this initiative will help us

build and maintain safer, healthier workplaces for working people

today, and for our children tomorrow," Crofford said.

Saskatchewan Labour will provide the University of Saskatchewan with

an annual grant of $161,000 to hire an occupational medical specialist

for the College and to operate the occupational health clinic. The

specialist who is hired will also be appointed Chief Occupational

Medical Officer.

"This partnership will give other doctors in the province access to

expertise in occupational medicine that just hasn't been available

here before. There will also be increased research into the causes

and treatment of occupational illnesses and disease," Crofford said.

Crofford also said the College of Medicine will be able to improve its

medical education programs by having a fully trained occupational

medicine specialist in its faculty.

As Saskatchewan's Chief Occupational Medical Officer, the

physician will help Saskatchewan Labour's Occupational Health and

Safety Division deal with the causes of occupational illnesses

and disease. He or she will:

give advice on the causes of occupational illnesses and


help with medical assessments of groups of workers exposed

to 'causative' agents (i.e. chemical, physical, biological,

ergonomic or other hazards that may lead to occupational

illnesses and diseases); and,

help develop regulations and guidelines for preventing

occupational illnesses and diseases.


For more information, contact:

Carol Todd

Saskatchewan Labour


Phone: (306) 787-4156

Visit the Saskatchewan Labour website at
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