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Saturday, March 28, 2015


The Saskatchewan Office of Energy Conservation (OEC) has announced the launch of the Municipal Energy Conservation website - The site is designed to provide municipalities with information on cost-effective, energy-saving opportunities and potential resource options. It also provides useful tools, such as reports tailored to the operation of individual municipalities visited by OEC, and an energy cost tracking mechanism. All rural and urban municipalities in Saskatchewan can have access to the system simply by signing up at

"OEC's new website for municipalities will be a useful method to track R.M.s' energy expenditures and a good way for them to see how their retrofits have saved them money," Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) Executive Director Ken Engel said.

The new website is operated by OEC and supports the Saskatchewan Municipal Energy Efficiency Initiative, which is jointly promoted by SARM, Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) and Saskatchewan Property Management (SPM). The initiative is focused on lowering energy bills, thus enhancing overall savings to municipalities. Through collaborative purchasing arrangements, municipalities can reduce the capital cost of energy-efficient equipment, allowing for replacement of aging, less-efficient equipment.

"In December 2004, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association became a participant in the Saskatchewan Municipal Energy Efficiency Initiative," SUMA's Executive Director Laurent Mougeot said. "The launch of the Municipal Energy Conservation website will provide additional tools for our members to take full advantage of the opportunities to upgrade their energy-using equipment and to overcome obstacles to upgrading their facilities."

"OEC is pleased to offer this enhancement to the Municipal Energy Conservation program," OEC Director Grant McVicar said. "It not only holds significant promise to provide easy access for municipal administrators to track their progress in reducing current municipal energy costs, but also has the potential to develop into an interactive platform through which future collaborative initiatives can be launched."

The development of the Municipal Energy Conservation website and its related initiatives has been supported by the Government of Saskatchewan, OEC and the Saskatchewan Research Council. For more information, visit

About OEC

The Office of Energy Conservation (OEC) was created by the Government of Saskatchewan in July 2002, to develop, encourage and support cost-effective energy conservation activities that can be implemented by the public and industry. OEC is managed by the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) and is co-located with SRC in Saskatoon and Regina. For more information, visit


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Darlene Dyck
Office Of Energy Conservation
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Office of Energy Conservation
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