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Thursday, April 02, 2015


Saskatchewan has set a new yearly record for the number of people working in

the province.

According to year-end Statistics Canada figures released today, there were

485,000 people working in Saskatchewan in 2000, up 5,000 over the previous

record set in 1999.

"These yearly statistics reflect a Saskatchewan economy that is succeeding

through diversification," Highways and Transportation Minister Maynard Sonntag

said, speaking on behalf of Economic and Co-operative Development Minister

Janice MacKinnon. "We continue to have problems in agriculture, but the other

sectors of our economy are performing strongly, virtually all showing increases

in jobs."

Statistics showed that full-time employment in 2000 was also up over 1999, an

increase of 8,000 jobs.

There were 26,700 people unemployed in Saskatchewan in 2000, a drop of 4,300

from the 1999 figure. Saskatchewan's unemployment rate of 5.2 per cent in 2000

was 0.9 per cent lower than the 1999 rate and well below the national average

of 6.8 per cent for 2000.

"Our job numbers will fluctuate from month to month, but these numbers for the

entire year show an economy that continues to grow, creating jobs and

opportunities - particularly full-time jobs - for Saskatchewan people," Sonntag



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Note to Editors: These are seasonally unadjusted figures as supplied by

Statistics Canada. Adjusted and unadjusted figures can be found on Statistics

Canada's website:
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