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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The continuation of hot, dry weather this past week has resulted in crop damage, as well as rapidly advanced crop development and haying operations, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food's weekly crop report.

Topsoil moisture conditions on crop, hay and pasture land have deteriorated across the province, with 80 per cent of the region rated to be short and/or very short. The lack of rainfall has not impacted the fall cereal and early seeded crops to the same degree as the late seeded crops.

According to provincial crop reporters, fall cereals are reported to be over 70 per cent in good to excellent condition, with 55 per cent ahead of normal development. Spring cereals are reported to be 54 per cent in good to excellent condition, with 53 per cent at normal development. Oilseed crops are reported to be 59 per cent in good to excellent condition, with 56 per cent at normal development. Pulse crops are approximately 53 per cent in good to excellent condition, with 52 per cent of the crop at normal development. Crop reporters indicated that the continuing hot temperatures, coupled with the lack of rainfall, will cause further crop deterioration.

Haying operations made good progress during the past week. Eighty-two per cent of the first-cut hay crop has been baled or put into silage, ahead of last year's haying operations for the same time period.

Pasture conditions have deteriorated since the end of June. Only 33 per cent of the reporters rated pastures as good to excellent, compared to 92 per cent in June. Livestock water supplies were similar to those at the end of June, with 94 per cent reporting adequate supplies.

The lack of rainfall and the heat were the major sources of crop damage this past week. Other sources included hail, disease, insects, gophers and wildlife.


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