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Friday, March 27, 2015


Safety and traffic measures are in place for construction work set to begin next week that will protect and extend the life of the pavement on one of the Saskatchewan's busiest roads.

The project, which commences on Monday, August 22nd, consists of the placement of a seal coat on the northbound lanes of Highway 11 from the junction of Highway 6 at Regina to the junction of Highway 20 at Lumsden, for a total distance of 25.91 km.

"This section of Highway 11, which is part of the federally-designated National Highway System, is a vital north-south trade and tourism corridor and one of the busiest highways in the province," Highways and Transportation Minister Maynard Sonntag said. "This seal treatment will extend the life of the pavement by keeping moisture out of the roadbed, as well as provide greater surface friction for winter driving."

Roadwork is expected to be complete, weather permitting, by September 15th. The construction involves the northbound driving and passing lanes of Highway 11, as well as the off-ramp from Highway 6 onto Highway 11. The estimated cost of this project is $500,000.

The seal coating process consists of applying hot asphalt to the road surface, immediately spreading crushed gravel over the asphalt, and packing it down. After a curing period of approximately 24 hours, the loose gravel is swept away. A minimum of three sweeps are required to complete the process.

During construction, local traffic on Highway 11 can expect minor delays and disruption to normal travel times due to temporary detours, fresh oil, loose gravel, crews, and equipment. Pilot vehicles will be in use to guide traffic through the construction zone and travellers are advised to watch for heavy trucks entering the highway. During resurfacing of the off-ramp from Highway 6 onto Highway 11, the off-ramp will be temporarily closed and traffic on Highway 11 will be detoured on Highway 6 north to Armour Road, then west on Armour Road to Highway 11.

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