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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


The provincial government today released its polling results for the
last quarter which sought public opinion in areas such as the
provincial economy, health care, education and economic development.

This quarterly release contains the results of three general omnibus
surveys and a separate Prairie Farm Omnibus survey of farm households.
Some of the findings show:

More than half the respondents believe the overall provincial
economy is better than a year ago while 56 per cent feel the economy
will improve in the next year or two (November Omnibus).

61 per cent of respondents approve of the way the provincial
government speaks up for the province on the national scene while 53
per cent approve of government's management of provincial finances
(November Omnibus).

70 per cent of Saskatchewan respondents feel the current tax
system favours certain groups. Of those respondents, over 60 per cent
believe the wealthy and large businesses are favoured the most.

More than half the respondents (55 per cent) believe the
government should pay down the debt load accumulated from past deficits
before considering tax relief while one third of respondents felt that
government should consider tax relief before paying down the debt
(November Omnibus).

On the topic of licence plates, 73 per cent of respondents like
the current green and white design of the plates while 19 per cent
would like a new design. Fifty-two per cent would support adding a
slogan and 80 per cent said they would not pay more money in order to
put personal or company logos on their plates (October Omnibus).

Also released with the results was the cost of conducting the surveys.
Total cost for public opinion polling and survey research conducted by
the provincial government during this past quarter was $68,400 and for
the fiscal year was $159,750. This compares with expenditures in past
years as follows:

Fiscal Year Expenditures

1990-91 $939,173
1991-92 $439,803
1992-93 $284,038
1993-94 $263,455
1994-95 $331,300
1995-96 $164,600
YTD 1996-97 $159,750


For more information, contact:

Brian Topp
Deputy Chief of Staff
Executive Council
Phone: (306) 787-1126

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