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Sunday, April 19, 2015


"Kristos rodyvsya" - Ukrainian for "Christ is born!" - words that will echo

across dinner tables throughout Saskatchewan this Sunday as many celebrate

Ukrainian Christmas.

Premier Roy Romanow has deep roots in the Ukrainian community and took the time

to reflect on his past.

"My parents emigrated to Canada from Ukraine. I am proud to be able to

celebrate both my Ukrainian and Canadian heritage," Romanow said. "The

celebration of Christmas should remind us of the richness of our past and the

spirit of hope and optimism for the new year.

"It is also a time to appreciate the many blessings we enjoy and cherish in

Canada - our freedom, loving families and our sense of community."

Ukrainian Christmas falls on January 7th because Ukrainians use the Julian

Calendar. In 1528, Pope Gregory XIII changed the Julian Calendar. The new

Gregorian Calendar better represented the changing seasons. But the world's 50

million Ukrainians chose to keep using the old Julian Calendar and have so ever

since. The difference between the two calendars placed Christmas on January

7th. Because of the size of the Ukrainian Church, the date has become widely

known as "Ukrainian Christmas."

"On behalf of my wife, Eleanore, our families and my colleagues in the

Government of Saskatchewan, I wish each of you a holiday season filled with

love, happiness and hope," Premier Romanow concluded.


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