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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Deputy Premier and Economic Development Minister Dwain Lingenfelter
will join a number of Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP)
members and representatives on a trade mission to three African
countries. Two Saskatchewan farm implement manufacturing firms,
Saskatoon-based Flexi-Coil and Schulte Industries of Englefeld, will
join the mission.

"This mission will give us the opportunity to expand Saskatchewan's
already strong trading relationship with South Africa and develop
potential markets that exist for trade with Zimbabwe and Kenya,"
Lingenfelter said. "While we will explore all opportunities, our main
focus will be on agriculture and Saskatchewan's growing farm implement

STEP officials will hold discussions with African business people on
behalf of eight other Saskatchewan-based companies. These include
Bourgault Ltd. of St. Brieux, Brandt Industries of Regina, Beline
Manufacturing of Kindersley, Leon Ram Enterprises of Yorkton, Honey Bee
Manufacturing of Frontier, Wilger Industries of Saskatoon, Canada
Livestock Services of Marsden and Western Livestock Exchange of Swift

Lingenfelter is the first provincial cabinet minister to visit South
Africa, building on a relationship that has been developing for several
years. For the past three years, the Government of Saskatchewan has
been supporting the South Africa/Canada Governance Program. Since
1993, about 30 South Africans have gained experience in Saskatchewan.
"Trade missions of this type play an important role in developing
markets for STEP members and other Saskatchewan exporters," said Milt
Fair, chair and chief executive officer of STEP. "Direct contact with
our trading partners is the most effective way of strengthening and
expanding our trading ties."

In 1995, Saskatchewan exports to South Africa totalled $24.2 million,
which is double the total amount from 1994.

"One of the goals of the province's economic strategy, Partnership for
Growth, is to build a strong working relationship between government
and industry," Lingenfelter said. "Trade missions like this are an
example of how that relationship works. We will work together to
develop new markets for our agricultural equipment and livestock
industries so they can grow and prosper back home."

STEP officials and company representatives will visit the three
countries from Jan. 30 to Feb. 15, with Lingenfelter joining the
mission on Feb. 2.


For more information, contact:

Debbie Wilkie Milt Fair
Economic Development CEO, STEP
Regina Regina
Phone: (306) 787-7982 Phone: (306) 787-1550

(South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya)

Flexi-Coil Ltd.
This farm implement manufacturing firm specializes in air seeding
systems. It also produces tillage and chemical application equipment
and employs 1,200 people at its Saskatoon plant.

Schulte Industries
This farm machinery company manufactures mowers, rock rakes and rock
pickers. Its 100 employees also make snow removal equipment at the
Englefeld facility.


F.P Bourgault Ltd.
St. Brieux
This privately-owned firm manufactures a variety of farm implements,
including seed drills, harrows, packers and ploughs. The company
employs up to 1,000 workers at its St. Brieux plant.

Brandt Industries
This Regina manufacturing company produces a diverse line of farm
implements, including augers and sprayers. Its 250 employees also
provide machining services to the company's customers.

Honey Bee Manufacturing
Honey Bee manufactures combine headers, rod weeders and swathers at its
southwest Saskatchewan plant. The firm employs up to 99 workers.

Wilger Industries
This small, but vibrant manufacturing firm produces parts for field
sprayers. Its workers also perform custom metal fabrication work.

Beline Manufacturing
This privately-owned firm produces fertilizer, chemical, hay forage
preservative and row crop applicators. It also manufactures nozzle and
flow rate checkers for spraying equipment.

Leon Ram Enterprises
This established manufacturing firm produces a diverse line of farm
implements, including cultivators, harrows, ploughs, rod weeders and
air seeders. It also manufactures dozer and tractor blades, hydraulic
lift tables, scrapers and loaders.

Canada Livestock Services Ltd.
Canada Livestock Services (CLS) is a formal partnership of three
established animal exporters, which supplies not only traditional
livestock, but alternative livestock. CLS also provides various
services to its customers, ranging from selection and transportation to
marketing development.

Western Canada Livestock Exchange
Swift Current
This Swift Current-based company provides a wide array of livestock
services for both export and import markets, including transportation,
inspection services, disease control programs, and market research and
strategies. The company also provides services such as embryo
transplants and artificial inseminations.

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