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Monday, March 30, 2015


Agriculture and Food Minister Eric Upshall and the Honourable Carlos

Mladinic, Minister of Agriculture of Chile, today signed a Memorandum

of Co-operation on agricultural biotechnology.

The agreement calls for both parties to identify and develop

co-operative agricultural biotechnology projects that will result in

advancements in production and diversification opportunities of

benefit to both jurisdictions. The agreement provides a framework

under which initiatives can be undertaken during the next three years.

About 40 per cent of Canada's biotech firms are located in

Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan biotech industry is expected to have

net sales of $130 million this year and it is projected the total

could reach $700 million annually in 10 years.

"Saskatchewan is a world leader in development of agricultural

biotechnology and it is one of the province's most dynamic growth

industries," Upshall said. "This agreement builds on our strength in

agriculture biotechnology and is consistent with Saskatchewan's

commitment to developing partnerships and joint ventures that will

expand our world markets and encourage investments in the province."

The agreement calls for the two ministries to explore

opportunities in the areas of: livestock genetics; animal feed

production; natural products and plant extracts; molecular

farming; plant tissue culture; biological fertilizers and

rhizobia; and novel plants and plant products.

Agriculture and Food will be working with Ag-West Biotech and

Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) to explore the

opportunities opened to Saskatchewan ag-biotech companies through

the agreement.

"Today's signing is an example of the benefits to be achieved

from Saskatchewan's efforts to promote market opportunities and

strategic alliances for the province's agriculture and food

industry through trade missions," Upshall said.


For more information, contact:

James Cook

Agriculture and Food


Phone: (306)787-8530
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