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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Northern Affairs Minister Keith Goulet, on behalf of Municipal

Affairs, Culture and Housing Minister Carol Teichrob, today announced

that organizations in Timber Bay, Weyakwin, Air Ronge, La Ronge,

Grandmother's Bay, Sandy Bay, Creighton and Cumberland House have

received a total of $37,400 in casino profits through the Associated

Entities Fund.

"The province established the Associated Entities Fund to distribute a

portion of casino profits for the benefit of Saskatchewan people,"

Goulet said. "Since the beginning of 1997 more than $4.5 million in

casino profits have been distributed throughout Saskatchewan for

programs that support children, youth and families."

Community groups received funding for the following projects:

The Northern Hamlet of Timber Bay, and the Timber Bay Recreation

Club received $2,200 toward educational and recreational programs

for children and youth including alcohol and drug awareness,

nutrition and canoe and water safety.

The Weyakwin Recreation Club, and Weyakwin Home Care received

$1,000 toward a summer cultural camp for aboriginal children and

youth ages eight to 17 focusing on healthy activities like

sports, crafts and nature walks and workshops on alcohol and drug


The Gordon Denny Parent Council and the Northern Village of

Air Ronge received $4,000 toward a summer program providing

fun activities to improve the education, health and

well-being of children and youth through positive social


The Northern Recreation Co-ordinating Committee received

funding for two projects:

$3,000 toward a voyageur canoe trip for northern youth

to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle,

traditional cultural ways of living off the land, and

water safety; and

$2,000 toward youth sport development and coaching and

volunteer clinics providing athletic opportunities for

northern children, youth and adults.

The La Ronge Public Library and the La Ronge Parks and

Recreation Board received $1,400 toward a summer computer

program for youth aged nine to 12 to enhance their computer


The Pahkisimon Nuye Ah Library System received $2,000 toward

a summer reading program for children in isolated northern

communities that offers encouragement to read and take an

interest in books.

The La Ronge Parks And Recreation Board and Pre Cam

Elementary School received $1,500 toward an education

program involving elders and youth aged 10 to 14 in

activities that offer physical, spiritual, psychological,

and social benefits.

The Kikinahk Friendship Centre and La Ronge Child Care

Co-operative received $4,000 toward a structured recreation

program for children and youth ages five to 11 that offers

safe, healthy activities like swimming, fishing, crafts,

indoor sports and cultural events.

The Addictions and Prevention Recovery Services together

with the Mamawetan Churchill River Healing Group received

$1,000 to develop resource materials to help develop a

culturally sensitive youth peer support program in La Ronge.

The Sagastew Regional Recreation Association received $2,000

toward a Sports Development Clinic where participating youth

will enhance their skills, and increase their knowledge and

abilities in canoeing, athletics, soccer and softball.

The Northern Hamlet of Missinipe and the Grandmother's Bay

Recreation Association received $500 toward a swimming

lesson program for children ages two to eight that teaches

both swimming and water safety and survival skills.

The Sandy Bay Youth Camp Committee and the Sandy Bay

Recreation Board received $1,000 toward a youth camp with

programing on relevant youth issues and positive choices

including group discussions, games, campfire activities and

leadership development.

The Creighton Recreation and Parks Board and Denare Beach

Recreation Board received $1,500 toward Camp Moochikum, a

day-camp/drop-in program for children and youth designed to

instill cultural pride, foster positive relationships and

provide employment skill development.

The Creighton Parent Coalition, Creighton Recreation and

Creighton Community School received $4,300 toward a summer

camp for special needs children ages three to eight focusing

on speech and language skills and helping them build

recreational and leisure skills.

The Neyannun Regional Recreation Authority in Creighton

received $2,000 toward a project to develop athletes,

coaches and officials for the sports of canoeing, athletics,

soccer and softball in the Neyannun Region.

The Pine Island Outpatient Centre and the Charlebois School

received $1,000 to help host a summer youth camp at Pine

Island. The camp will provide services, activities and

programs focusing on communication, coping mechanisms and


The Christian Fellowship Center, and their partners,

received $1,000 to help youth and parents develop healthy

and appropriate skills and behaviours in communicating,

taking responsibility, and interacting with others.

The Athabasca Regional Recreation Association, together with

Black Lake and Stony Rapids Recreation Associations,

received $2,000 toward a summer sport program for youth

including skill development in several sports as well as

leadership and life skills.

The Associated Entities Fund receives a portion of the profits

from Casino Regina, the Gold Eagle Casino in North Battleford,

the Northern Lights Casino in Prince Albert and the Painted Hand

Casino in Yorkton.


For more information, contact:

Trudy Jackson


Municipal Affairs, Culture and Housing


Phone: (306) 787-4011
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