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Sunday, April 19, 2015


Fourteen Saskatchewan nursing students are about to get their degrees a year


They are the first student nurses to opt for the three-year degree announced in

March, 2000. This option allows them to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing

degree in three years instead of the usual four.

"Giving students this choice means we will have more nurses in the workforce

sooner," Health Minister Pat Atkinson said. "The residents of this province

will get skilled nurses at a time when they are in great demand."

Students are able to complete their degrees in three years by taking courses

and receiving clinical experience during the summer. The first group will

finish their clinical work this week.

They will provide a supply of nurses to the health care system at a time of

year when nursing grads are usually not available. Twelve of the 14 students

indicate they will remain in Saskatchewan and some will work in smaller


"I was commuting and I'm a mature student with a family. It suited me

personally and professionally to finish earlier," Spiritwood nursing student

Ivy Poulin said.

Atkinson also congratulated the spring 2000 graduating class of the Nursing

Education Program. The overall pass rate of Saskatchewan graduates for the

Registered Nurse exam was 98 per cent.

"The success of Saskatchewan nursing students reflects very highly on the

Nursing Education Program at SIAST and the College of Nursing," Atkinson said.


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