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Friday, January 30, 2015


The province is optimistic about a report released today by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics that shows a decrease of six per cent in Saskatchewan's total crime rate in 2005. This is the second consecutive year of decline in the provincial rate. There was a drop of just under two per cent in 2004.

"The 2005 data tells us that our programs are having an impact," Justice Minister Frank Quennell said. "It tells us that targeted approaches like the Regina Auto Theft Strategy and the Saskatoon Break and Enter Strategy are reducing crime in our communities."

Overall reduction in crime was largely due to a 12 per cent decrease in property crime, led by a 20 per cent decline in fraud. There was also a 17 per cent drop in motor vehicle thefts and a 14 per cent decline in break and enters.

A total of 142,354 Criminal Code incidents, not including traffic incidents, were reported in Saskatchewan in 2005. Less than one in seven (14 per cent) of all crimes reported in Saskatchewan are violent in nature. Of the remainder, less than half (38 per cent) were property related offences and the rest (48 per cent) were "other" Criminal Code incidents, such as mischief, disturbing the peace and bail violations.

The city of Regina experienced a 15 per cent decrease in its crime rate with a drop of 21 per cent for motor vehicle thefts and an 18 per cent drop for break and enters. In Saskatoon, the crime rate fell by four per cent with a 17 per cent decrease in break and enter offences and a seven per cent reduction in motor vehicle thefts.

Quennell said the province continues to address offending by:

• increasing support for policing, including funding in excess of 200 new police positions since 1999;

• working to improve the relationship between the justice system and Aboriginal peoples; and

• promoting integrated, targeted, community-based approaches to crime reduction.


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