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Thursday, April 02, 2015


Deputy Premier and Crown Investments Corporation Minister Dwain

Lingenfelter today announced a new SGI customer service initiative

that will provide information on the history of used vehicles to the


Effective May 17, SGI will make information available on the history

of used vehicles. Upon request, SGI will conduct a vehicle serial

number search of databases in jurisdictions across Canada and pass

along the results to the customer. The request for information can be

made at any SGI motor licence issuer.

"This service is available thanks to jurisdictions sharing more

vehicle registration information with each other," Lingenfelter said.

"Most jurisdictions have started collecting this information over the

past few years. SGI customers will now be able to check on the status

of any used vehicle they are considering for purchase."

"The Saskatchewan Automobile Dealers' Association is happy to see SGI

make this service available," said Ben Holden, president of the

Saskatchewan Automobile Dealers' Association. "Auto dealers around

the province will now have a quick and convenient way to check on the

status of used vehicles they are considering for purchase or for


The new initiative will provide information on whether a vehicle is

eligible for registration in Saskatchewan and any recorded information

available from other Canadian jurisdictions, including:

Whether a vehicle has a total loss, rebuilt, non-repairable or

stolen status in any Canadian jurisdiction;

Whether a vehicle is eligible for registration in


Whether there is a record of the vehicle being registered

in another jurisdiction;

Whether the vehicle must be inspected before being

registered in Saskatchewan;

Whether E & H tax is payable.

To protect individuals' privacy, no names or other information on

current or past vehicle owners will be passed along as part of

the service. A $10 fee will be charged for the service.

"The entire history of a used vehicle may not always be

available, as some jurisdictions do not have as comprehensive a

database as others," Lingenfelter said. "SGI is committed to

providing all the information that is available. This new

service will bring SGI customers the assurance they need that a

vehicle they are considering for purchase, is eligible for

registration in Saskatchewan.

"While the service will provide information on the status of a

vehicle, the principle of buyer beware' still applies. SGI

encourages people considering purchasing a used vehicle to have

it evaluated for mechanical fitness, safety and body integrity."


For more information, contact:

Julianne Jack

SGI Communications


Phone: (306)775-6907
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