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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Voters in the riding of Wood River in southwest Saskatchewan will go to the

polls in a by-election June 26th.

"The outcome in Wood River has been in question since the general election in

September," Premier Roy Romanow said. "As a result, residents of that riding

have not been represented in the Legislature for most of that time.

"I am calling this by-election now so they can have an MLA in place before the


Romanow says he's looking forward to the by-election and the campaign will

focus on the accomplishments of the new coalition government, accomplishments

like a $1000 income tax cut for the average family over three years; and

property tax rebates and the elimination of fuel taxes for farmers.

The premier also pointed to improvements in health care: a new nursing home

wing for the Shaunavon hospital and extensive renovations at Assiniboia

hospital including a new emergency room and pediatric wing.

"The March budget set out a plan for growth and opportunity in Saskatchewan,"

the premier said. "A plan where our government will continue to cut taxes,

provide more for services and balance the books.

"Residents of Wood River will soon have an opportunity to elect a new member of

our government team and help us continue to build on this record of success."


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