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Sunday, April 19, 2015


The province is dedicating more resources to keep Saskatchewan safe by advancing its commitment to fund 120 police officers over four years.

Funding from the 2010-11 provincial budget was finalized in January to fund 30 new police officer positions, resulting in a total of 90 new policing positions since 2008.

"We are committed to providing the resources needed to make Saskatchewan a safer place to live for all residents," Corrections, Public Safety and Policing Minister D.F. (Yogi) Huyghebaert said. "The addition of 30 new officers brings our government closer to fulfilling our commitment to add 120 new police officers over four years."

As part of these 30 new positions, nine municipal officers were split evenly between Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert. The remaining 21 positions have been allocated to the RCMP to enhance the level of policing in rural Saskatchewan.

"Increased police presence throughout the province will enable us to focus our enforcement efforts on those individuals or activities which are causing the most challenges for our communities," RCMP Commanding Officer of "F" Division Chief Superintendent Russ Mirasty said.

"The addition of more officers is important to support the efforts of all of our partners to reduce crime across the province," Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police President Dale McFee said.

Since 2008, 51 positions have been allocated to the RCMP and 39 positions assigned to municipal police services. These officers work in a variety of areas including organized and major crime, internet child exploitation, the northern drug strategy and forensic identification.


For more information, contact:

Linsay Rabyj
Corrections, Public Safety and Policing
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