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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Premier Lorne Calvert, Highways and Transportation Minister Mark Wartman

and students from the Grade 5 class at Robert Southey School officially

opened a new crosswalk in downtown Southey today.

The crosswalk was recently installed at the intersection of Assiniboia

Avenue and Highway 6 in Southey, which has high vehicle and pedestrian

crossing counts. Highway 6 intersects the Southey community, with the

Robert Southey School on the west side of town and the community's

recreational facilities on the east side.

"We are committed to listening to the people of Saskatchewan, and working

hard to meet their needs," Premier Calvert said. "A crosswalk was needed

in Southey to address the safety of people crossing the highway. With a

high visibility crosswalk now in place, pedestrian safety is enhanced as

drivers have advance notice that people are crossing."

The Town of Southey approached Premier Calvert during his bus tour last

spring about installing a crosswalk at this location. Town officials were

concerned that pedestrians crossing Highway 6 were not visible enough,

especially children during the hockey season. Last fall, the department

conducted a pedestrian crosswalk study that confirmed the need for a

special crosswalk.

"This is an important safety measure for Southey that will help ensure the

children and other members of the community are safe," Highways and

Transportation Minister Mark Wartman said.

The total cost for the supply and installation of the crosswalk is

estimated to be $30,000. The overhead lights run diagonally across the

intersection of Assiniboia Avenue and Highway 6 to make the safety feature

wider and taller in order to accommodate oversize hauls through town.

"Crossing Highway 6 is a daily part of life in Southey," Southey Mayor

Martin Lingelbach said. "This crosswalk means that people of all ages can

feel safer about participating in a range of activities, from sports to car

shows to church services."


For more information, contact:

Vanessa Gooliaff Beaupré

Highways and Transportation


Phone: (306) 787-4792

Cell: (306) 536-9692
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