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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Municipal Affairs, Culture and Housing Minister Carol Teichrob

announced today that 26 projects in Saskatoon have received funding

totalling $103,063 in casino profits through the Associated Entities


"The province established the Associated Entities Fund to distribute a

portion of casino profits for the benefit of Saskatchewan people,"

Teichrob said. "Since the beginning of 1997 more than $4.5 million in

casino profits have been distributed throughout Saskatchewan for

programs that support children, youth and families."

The projects are represented by a broad cross-section of community

support agencies and associations in Saskatoon aimed at providing

positive social, recreational and cultural program opportunities for

children, youth and families in need during the summer months. Many

of the projects seek to enhance self-esteem, self-confidence, social

skills and physical fitness of the participants through active sports

and recreation activities and counselling.

The Associated Entities Fund receives a portion of the profits from

Casino Regina, the Gold Eagle Casino in North Battleford, the Northern

Lights Casino in Prince Albert and the Painted Hand Casino in Yorkton.


For more information, contact:

Trudy Jackson

Municipal Affairs, Culture and Housing


Phone: (306) 787-4011


The Saskatchewan Abilities Council received $5,000 toward a summer program for children and youth with physical disabilities, providing leisure opportunities in accessible facilities.

Saskatoon Interval House received $5,000 toward a program of summer activities for children to counteract fear and negative consequence from family violence and abuse.

Mayfair Community School received $5,000 to help operate a summer youth centre for children and youth, offering activities, cultural theme days and field trips.

Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan Festival received $5,000 toward a drama program for youth-at-risk offering personal development activities in an informal and creative atmosphere.

The Saskatoon Society for Autism received $5,000 toward a challenging and enjoyable summer program of activities for autistic children to acquire and maintain new skills.

The Saskatoon Indian and Metis Friendship Centre received $5,000 toward a summer program of sport, recreation, culture and education activities for aboriginal youth.

The Saskatoon Family Service Bureau received $5,000 toward a summer youth recreation program dealing with issues such as conflict resolution, substance abuse and respectful relationships.

Saskatoon Community Mediation Services received $5,000 toward a summer project that will use the medium of drama to help children learn acceptable ways of getting along.

Catholic Family Services of Saskatoon received $5,000 toward a project teaching children and parents skills in shopping for and cooking nutritious meals on a limited budget.

The YWCA received $5,000 toward a day-camp program for children with physical disabilities and behaviour related problems in a supervised and positive environment.

The Westridge Village Tenant Association received $5,000 toward an educational summer leadership recreation program for children in the community.

The Urban First Nation Healing Initiative received $5,000 toward a crime, abuse and drug prevention culture camp which uses First Nation Elders as teachers, resources and support.

The Family Healing Circle Lodge received $5,000 to provide children and youth with an opportunity to experience camping and traditional culture in a safe, secure environment.

The Saskatoon Association for Community Living received $4,000 toward a summer camp which provides fun activities for children and youth with special needs.

The Boys and Girls Clubs received $2,500 toward a project offering day-camp activities for children and youth ages six to 12.

The YMCA received $2,000 to help provide week-long day-camp activities and social experiences to children who would not otherwise be able to attend summer camp.

The A.G. Bell Association for the Deaf received $2,000 to help provide a three-day camp of fun activities and friendships for hearing impaired children and youth.

Maggie's Childcare Centre for Teen Parents received $2,000 toward a health and education summer program for teen parents and their children.

The Leif Erickson Tenants' Association received $4,610 toward a summer program of activities for young children focused on education, health, multi-culture, and recreation.

Saskatoon Downtown Youth Centre (EGADZ) received $2,813 for a summer program for youth including sports, recreation, and cultural events and activities.

The Sturby Place Tenant Association received $4,310 toward a program of education, health and recreation for young children to help them gain self-esteem and acceptance of others.

The Saskatchewan Cerebral Palsy Association received $3,970 toward a program for children with special needs, offering therapeutic and special activities to address specific needs.

The Borden Place Childcare received $3,400 toward a Families First Partnership Program offering therapy, support, classes, wellness, and counselling to families in the area.

Westview/Tradewinds Tenant Association received $4,460 toward a positive and stimulating program of recreational, educational, social, cultural, and nutritional activities for children.

The Saskatoon Friendship Inn received $1,000 to help provide a family cultural camp offering outdoor camping and cultural experiences to inner-city families.

Epilepsy Saskatoon Inc. received $1,000 toward delivery of a workshop to parents, children, and youth participants on the early detection and treatment of epilepsy.

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