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Monday, March 30, 2015


Agriculture and Food Minister Eric Upshall today proclaimed March 24 to
30 as Agriculture Week in Saskatchewan.

Agriculture Week is an annual event sponsored by the Saskatchewan
Weekly Newspapers Association in appreciation of the agriculture and
food industry and its contribution to Saskatchewan.

"This year, Agriculture Week's theme is Agriculture -- Saskatchewan's
Economic Foundation. We have a strong foundation to build on through
our progressive livestock and crop production, diversification, new and
changing markets, agricultural biotechnology, value-added crop
processing, and the most advanced dry-land farming technology in the
world," Upshall said.

"Another growth area is the agri-food industry with about 300 companies
involved in the food processing industry. Many of these companies are
based in rural Saskatchewan, contributing to employment and the
economy," he said.

"Farmers, agri-food businesses and all Saskatchewan people continue to
turn challenges into opportunities -- responding to changing market
conditions and contributing to the provincial economy."

Upshall also congratulated the Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers
Association for its 80 years of sharing information on agriculture with
the people of Saskatchewan.

"Through weekly newspapers, rural Saskatchewan learns about the
industry, accesses the newest advances in agriculture, promotes
agriculture as the economic foundation of Saskatchewan and shares
information and insight critical to the sustainability and advancement
of agriculture," he said.


For more information, contact:

Harvey Johnson
Agriculture and Food
Phone: (306) 787-6395

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