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Friday, March 27, 2015


Premier Roy Romanow today announced his participation in a Team Canada
economic mission to South Korea, the Philippines and Thailand. The
Prime Minister and all other premiers except Premier Binns of Prince
Edward Island will be participating. The mission is scheduled for Jan.
8 to 21.

The premier will participate in an official program organized by the
federal government. He will also conduct private meetings in all three
countries to pursue Saskatchewan-specific economic interests not
otherwise addressed in the official program.

"I continue to support the Team Canada concept for trade development
and local job creation purposes," Romanow said. "Saskatchewan is
amongst the most trade-dependent of all Canadian provinces and the
dynamic Asia-Pacific region accounts for almost one third of our
international exports. This third Team Canada mission to Asia is
intended to build on our trade base in the region.

"Because international competition in these relatively new and growing
markets is very intense, provinces acting alone cannot hope to create
the kind of market profile for Canadian products that is possible
through concerted Team Canada missions."

South Korea, one of the so-called Asian tigers economically, currently
ranks third in Asia as a destination for Saskatchewan exports, mostly
grains, oilseeds and potash. However, value-added exports such as
malt, wood pulp and uranium concentrate are also increasingly
important. In Seoul, the premier will meet on behalf of Saskatchewan
interests with a machinery manufacturer, an electric power company and
a research and development organization involved in the production of
livestock pharmaceuticals and other biotechnology.

The Philippines' economy, and Canadian exports to it, have grown
rapidly over the past three years in response to changes in that
country's economic development strategy. Saskatchewan's export
interests in the Philippines include Canadian Wheat Board grains,
specialty crops, potash and telecommunications. In this very brief
visit, the premier will actively support value-added sector and in
particular the continuing commercial relationship between SaskTel
International and the Philippine telecommunications sector.

In Thailand, Saskatchewan's current export interests include wheat,
specialty crops and potash. The premier's particular focus in Bangkok
will be to advance a new working relationship between the University of
Saskatchewan and the National Science and Technology Development Agency
of Thailand, an umbrella agency co-ordinating the country's research
and development efforts in biotechnology, information technology and
advanced metallurgy. In 1996, a component of this Thai agency agreed
to a $2.75 million sponsorship arrangement with the TR Labs consortium
in which both SaskTel and Saskatchewan Economic Development are

Saskatchewan companies/organizations participating in the program
include Massload Technologies, SaskTel, Cameco, Shuttle Craft,
Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, XCAN Grain Pool, The Edge
Models and Talent, University of Saskatchewan and Veterinary Infectious
Diseases Organization.

The federal government reports that the three Team Canada missions to
date have resulted in the announcement of 370 business deals worth an
estimated $20 billion and that several billion dollars of new business
has been stimulated by these missions. The Government of Canada has
committed to raising human rights concerns in these countries during
the very high level political meetings involving Canadian First
Ministers and their counterparts in each country.


For more information, contact:

Paul Osborne
Intergovernmental Affairs
Phone: (306) 787-6322

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