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Friday, March 27, 2015


Agriculture and Food Minister Eric Upshall delivered a strong pro-
Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) message at the annual convention of the
Western Barley Growers Association in Banff, Alberta.

Upshall said the evaluation of the CWB released February 13 by
agricultural economists Daryl Kraft, Hartley Furtan and Edward
Tychniewicz, Performance Evaluation of the Canadian Wheat Board,
demonstrated clearly that over the last 14 years, Prairie producers
have received a significant premium because of the CWB's single desk
sales strategy.

"This study shows clearly why the large majority of Prairie producers
support the CWB. The facts show us that a $265 million per year
($13.35 per tonne) premium for wheat was gained because of the market
power brought to producers by single desk selling through the board."

Upshall said that in addition to the premium gained, the study showed
that other CWB marketing advantages provided additional benefit to

The minister said he will make that message clear when delivering his
submission to the Western Grain Marketing Panel (WGMP) during hearings
next month.

While at the Western Barley Growers Association convention, Upshall
took part in a debate on the future of the CWB during a bear-pit
session with Lyle Vanclief, parliamentary secretary for federal
Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Ralph Goodale, Elwin Hermanson,
Reform Party Agriculture Critic, and Alberta Minister of Agriculture
Walter Pazkowski

"Saskatchewan is looking for any improvements to the grain marketing
and transportation system that will benefit producers, including a
wheat board more responsive to producer needs for information, and even
more effective as a single desk seller of Prairie grains," Upshall


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