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Friday, April 17, 2015


Premier Roy Romanow today dedicated the Champions for Children Award,
received at the Canada's Children - Canada's Future Conference in
Ottawa in November, to the people of Saskatchewan.

The award was presented to the Province of Saskatchewan for the
development and implementation of Saskatchewan's Action Plan for
Children. The conference was co-sponsored by the Child Welfare League
of Canada and the Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies.

"I am very proud that Saskatchewan has been honoured for the
partnerships we have developed together to address children's issues,"
Romanow said. "It is because of the very good and hard work done by
communities across this province that Saskatchewan's Action Plan for
Children has done so much for the most vulnerable members of our

The Action Plan was built on principles that were called for in the
organization's 1991 conference. The principles include the
establishment of specific priorities and strategies to address issues
affecting children, the consideration of the impact on children as a
key element of policy and program development, regular measurement and
reporting on progress, a commitment to investing in children as a key
priority and a co-ordinated approach to policy development and

Saskatchewan's Action Plan for Children began in 1993 as a partnership
between seven provincial government departments and secretariats and
community groups across the province. Since then, more than 250
different projects have been developed or enhanced as a result of the
Action Plan. As well, the Saskatchewan Children's Council and the
Saskatchewan Children's Advocate were established.

Over the past three years, the Saskatchewan government has committed
more than $11 million in new initiatives to children and families under
the Action Plan.

"By far our greatest resource is our people - and especially our
children," Romanow said. "Like any natural resource our children must
be nurtured and cared for, supported and protected, if they are to
fulfil their tremendous potential. It is the responsibility of all of
us to value, protect and support Canada's children - to guide them in
becoming healthy, functioning adults. It is the health and the
strength of our province and our children that will determine the
future health and strength of our province and our country."

A mix of community and government representatives were on hand to
witness the dedication of the award. Following the ceremony, the award
was placed in a glass case in the front lobby of the Legislative

"This award is for the people of Saskatchewan," Romanow said. "By
placing it in the lobby of the Legislature, which belongs to all
Saskatchewan people, it will be available for Saskatchewan residents to
visit and view."


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