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Monday, March 30, 2015


Environment and Resource Management Minister Lorne Scott today joined

Pacific Regeneration Technologies (PRT) President and CEO Evert Van

Eerden to turn the sod on a greenhouse expansion at the company's

Prince Albert Forest Nursery.

PRT announced today its intention to expand the Prince Albert

facility's greenhouse capacity by 65,000 square feet, enough space to

grow an additional 3 million seedlings. Currently, the nursery has

capacity to grow approximately 10 million container seedlings per


"I'm pleased to congratulate PRT on their continued growth and

success," Scott said. "The company has every right to be very proud

of their contribution to reforestation and to the continued

sustainability of Saskatchewan's forests."

Under a long-term lease signed in July 1997, the Victoria-based PRT

took over operation of the provincially-run Prince Albert Forest

Nursery and expanded the operation's container growing capacity to

address increased demand by government and the forest industry. The

expansion announced today will bring the company's total capital

investment in the facility to approximately $3.2 million.

"We are very pleased to be able to participate in and contribute

to the growth of the forest sector in Saskatchewan," Van Eerden

said. "Growing is our business."

Many of the seedlings produced by PRT will be used by government

and industry for reforestation projects in northern Saskatchewan.

Recently announced expansion plans for Saskatchewan's forest

sector are expected to create 10,000 jobs and generate

$850 million in private investment. This anticipated growth,

together with new legislation requiring full renewal of harvested

areas, is expected to increase demand for the high-quality

seedlings produced by PRT.

"An expanding forest sector in Saskatchewan, with a focus on

sustainability, will create opportunities for many businesses,

including PRT," Scott said. "PRT's expansion enhances their

capacity to supply quality grown-in-Saskatchewan seedlings and to

play a significant role in maintaining the long-term health of

our forest ecosystems."

Expansion by PRT will generate benefits to the local economy

during the construction phase and the continued operation of the

expanded nursery generates approximately 100 seasonal and

full-time jobs. Construction at PRT will begin this summer and

be completed in time for the year 2000 growing season.


For more information, contact:

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Prince Albert Victoria, B.C.

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