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Sunday, April 19, 2015


In a continued effort to cut red tape and harmonize the rules and regulations that truckers and shippers are governed by, Saskatchewan's Vehicle Weight and Dimension Regulations have been amended.

Among the major changes to the regulations is the expansion of the list of highways at which B-trains can operate at 63,500 kg - the same weight B-train truck tractor and semi-trailer combinations are allowed to run in Alberta and B.C. The payload increase of 1,000 kg is estimated to bump up productivity by 2.5 per cent.

"This is just one of many changes we've introduced to harmonize rules for commercial carriers across Western Canada, keeping the goals of the New West Partnership very clearly in mind," Highways and Infrastructure Minister Jim Reiter said. "These and other amendments are aimed not only at harmonization but at increasing the profitability of shippers and making Saskatchewan an even more competitive place to do business."

The list of eligible highways at which B-trains can operate at 63,500 kg has been expanded at the request of industry as follows:

  • Highway 6 from Regina to Melfort;
  • Highway 9 from Highway 1 to Yorkton;
  • Highway 13 from the Manitoba boundary to its junction with Highway 39;
  • Highway 18 from the Manitoba boundary to its junction with Highway 39;
  • Highway 39 from Highway 6 to Highway 1; and
  • Highway 40, from its junction with Highway 4 to its junction with Highway 29.

Some of the regulatory amendments include:

  • The introduction of tridem drive trucks and truck tractors into regulations, allowing these vehicles (used primarily by the petroleum and heavy construction industries) to operate without special single-trip or term permits.
  • The introduction of aerodynamic devices, wide-based single tires and lift axles that auto deploy; these are all initiatives that directly reduce operating costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

For a full listing of all amendments to the Vehicle Weight and Dimension Regulations and further explanation of the amendments please visit our website at


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Highways and Infrastructure
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