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Monday, April 20, 2015


Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura means business – and so does the Province of


Ventura is in Saskatoon September 18 and 19 to attend International Development

Days, a conference sponsored by the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership,

the Canadian International Development Agency and the Alliance of Canadian

Manufacturers and Exporters.

"Governor Ventura is looking for business partnerships and so am I," Premier

Roy Romanow said. "Saskatchewan and Minnesota have a very strong trading

relationship, but I believe that we can increase our trading volumes with


Minnesota is one of the most important U.S. states for Saskatchewan's exports.

The province exported goods and services worth $691 million to Minnesota in


"More of Saskatchewan's exports go to Minnesota than to China, our second

largest offshore market," the premier said.

Governor Ventura's visit illustrates the strengthening relationship between

Saskatchewan and the mid-western U.S. states. In August, Saskatchewan became

the first international affiliate member of the Midwestern Legislative

Conference, a regional association of state legislators who address issues of

common interest including agriculture, economic development, transportation,

trade corridors and relations with Canada.

Premier Romanow and Governor Ventura witnessed the signing of three agreements

today that demonstrate the strong relationship between Saskatchewan and

Minnesota. The agreements include one that strengthens economic co-operation,

a private-sector business contract and one relating to education programs.


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