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Sunday, March 29, 2015


The provincial government committed today to implement the School Plus

model envisioned in the Role of the School Task Force final report.

"The province recognizes that schools must have two primary functions: to

educate children and youth and to support human services delivery at the

community level," Education Minister Jim Melenchuk said. "A variety of

students' needs must be met so they are ready to learn. This is what

School Plus is all about."

"While the focus of the Task Force Dialogue was on schools and education,

the heart of their work identified the critical need to improve the life

opportunities for all of the province's children and youth. We are pleased

to adopt the School Plus vision of the Task Force where schools serve as

centres for education and integrated social supports to nurture children's

well-being and learning," Melenchuk said.

"This initiative marks a new beginning for Saskatchewan youth as they

strive to reach their full potential," Culture, Youth and Recreation

Minister Joanne Crofford said. "Enhancing links between school initiatives

and activities outside of schools will go a long way in providing maximum

opportunities for child and youth development."

"As the ability of schools to meet the developmental and learning needs of

children and youth increases, we can expect more young people to stay in

school and that is good news for all of us," Social Services Minister Glenn

Hagel said. "The fact is that young people who get an education are less

likely to need the services of my Department, either as youth or as adults,

and are more likely to be contributing members of their communities."

The government, working in collaboration with other human service providers

and community agencies through the Saskatchewan Council on Children and

Youth will implement School Plus.

"Saskatchewan must ensure a shared and harmonious future with the

Aboriginal people in our province," Melenchuk said. "The Aboriginal

community will be represented on this Council to ensure the voice of this

growing and important population is heard. We want all young people to

have the learning opportunities they need to become knowledgeable skilled

citizens who can contribute to the province's prosperous future."

The provincial response represents a commitment to School Plus from the

departments of Social Services, Health, Justice, Post-Secondary Education

and Skills Training, Culture, Youth and Recreation, Intergovernmental and

Aboriginal Affairs and Education.

The Role of the School Task Force was established in 1999 to determine the

gap between public expectations and the capacity of schools to meet the

complex and diverse needs of students in today's world. They undertook

extensive public dialogue on the role of the school visiting more than 30

communities, conducting more than 250 meetings and receiving more than 110

submissions. In spring 2001 they released their Final Report on the Role

of the School.


For more information, contact:

Jacquie McLean



Phone: (306) 787-5609

A media backgrounder is attached that summarizes the government response.

The entire government response document is available on the Internet at
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