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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Premier Roy Romanow and Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs

Minister Berny Wiens joined children from King George Community

School, key partners, National Aboriginal Leaders, and federal and

provincial ministers from across Canada in Saskatoon today to launch

the National Children's Agenda.

"Today's announcement is about children, their families, and their

communities; about making Canada a place where children can grow up

and realize their full potential," said Romanow. "I am proud of the

role Saskatchewan has played as Co-chair of the Council on Social

Policy Renewal to make this day possible."

We in Saskatchewan are very proud of what we are accomplishing under

our Action Plan for children," said Wiens. "The National Children's

Agenda is a terrific opportunity to build on these accomplishments.

Our experience with the Saskatchewan Action Plan will help inform the

development of the National Children's Agenda."

Minister Wiens emphasized that this launch is the product of many

months of work, and demonstrates a strong commitment by all Ministers

to the well-being of Canadian children. "I want to publicly recognize

the hard work and commitment of the federal Ministers, the other

provincial/territorial Ministers on the Council, and National

Aboriginal Organizations. It has been my privilege to work with them

to make this launch possible," Wiens said.

Grade seven and eight children from King George Community School

were first off the mark in the public dialogue by asking

questions of the federal and provincial ministers.

Minister Wiens and Minister of Social Services Harry Van Mulligen

used the occasion of the launch to outline Saskatchewan's plan

for broad consultations on this initiative. "Through our Action

Plan for Children, we have identified a network of 3,500

community partners - people and organizations who are committed

to ensuring that our children grow up in loving, caring, and

nurturing environments," Wiens said. "I look forward to working

with these people as we go about the task of implementing a

national agenda for Canada's children."


For more information contact:

Rob Cunningham

Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs


Phone: (306) 787-8008
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