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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Associate Health Minister Judy Junor today told a national conference

on the future of health care that Saskatchewan is pioneering a model

of front-line health services to better meet the full range of

individuals' health needs.

Junor spoke at the Pulse 99 Conference in Toronto, addressing

hundreds of health providers, administrators and policy makers from

across the country. She outlined Saskatchewan's innovative project to

develop primary health service sites in a wide range of rural and

urban communities.

Junor said primary health service sites bring together teams of health

providers and build links with other community and social services.

The focus is on early intervention and prevention of illness, health

promotion, proactive treatment of chronic conditions with an emphasis

on continuity of care and ongoing follow-up with patients.

"Primary health service sites are an excellent example of how, through

co-operation and a team-based community approach to health care, we

can help Saskatchewan people better manage their own health in

partnership with a wide range of health professionals and other

service providers," Junor said.

Junor said primary care nurses, with advanced clinical training,

play a key role in the teams. These nurses work as partners with

local physicians to provide health education and teaching, treat

minor illnesses and stable chronic conditions, and assist in

co-ordinating client services. This helps residents find the

services they need, including those delivered by physicians or

other members of the health team, such as pharmacists, public

health nurses, mental health and home care workers, chiropractors

and physiotherapists.

Junor said sites have been developed in six communities so far;

Hafford, Hudson Bay, Kyle, Beechy, Regina and Saskatoon. She

said Saskatchewan Health is working with other health districts,

communities and physicians to establish additional sites.

"By developing this unique model, we are taking a fundmental step

forward to help our citizens get the services they need to

maintain their health and well-being," Junor said. "Today, as in

the past, Saskatchewan is leading the way in developing health

services that are responsive to people's health needs and

sustainable into the coming century."


For more information, contact:

Jeff Brown

Communications Branch

Saskatchewan Health


Phone: (306) 787-4088
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