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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Saskatchewan's trade mission to Chile and Panama is returning home with more

contracts for Saskatchewan businesses.

In Panama this week, Saskatchewan companies and educational institutions

announced seven agreements and projects worth more than $13 million.

"We have been working hard over the past few years to gain access to the

significant opportunities for Saskatchewan companies in Panama," Economic and

Co-operative Development Minister Janice MacKinnon said. "Our efforts are now

beginning to pay off. These agreements provide new markets, opportunities and

jobs for Saskatchewan companies. And they showcase our reputation for

excellence and innovation in the global marketplace."

Saskatchewan knowledge and technology will be put to work in several sectors

including agriculture, environment, mining, education and project management.

Deals include a $2.2 million soil and land conservation project in Panama, a

$760,000 system to monitor air and water quality in Panama and a further

$760,000 deal to study how efficient Panama's pork and cattle industries are.

The University of Regina is also negotiating with Panamanian officials on an

$8.9 million study to improve elementary education in the South American


Last week MacKinnon also signed an expanded agriculture agreement while in


"Saskatchewan companies have a wide range of skills and expertise to offer

Panama and Chile, and these agreements highlight that diversity," MacKinnon

said. "In pursuing business opportunities in these two countries, we are

strengthening the Saskatchewan economy and creating jobs and opportunities for

Saskatchewan people."

Eight Saskatchewan companies and educational institutions are on the mission,

led by MacKinnon and co-coordinated by the Saskatchewan Trade and Export

Partnership (STEP).


For more information, contact:

Bob Ellis/Carey Millar Gerry Adamson

Economic and Co-operative Development STEP

Regina Regina

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