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Monday, April 20, 2015


Minister responsible for the Public Service Commission June Draude introduced a Bill today to protect whistleblowers in the public service.

The new Public Interest Disclosure Act sets the framework for reporting wrongdoing. It also establishes a Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner as an independent Officer of the Legislature.

"This is an election commitment we are proud to have fulfilled," Draude said. "This Act will enhance confidence in government institutions and in the public service. It will also facilitate disclosure and the investigation of alleged wrongdoing, and it will strengthen protection for employees in the public service."

Draude said the Act will protect employees from reprisal if they report wrongdoing by government institutions.

The legislation will cover:

  • Acts or omissions that are contrary to law, public health, safety, welfare and/or protection of the environment;
  • Gross mismanagement of public funds or assets; and
  • Knowingly counseling someone to commit a wrongdoing.

"It will apply to employees in all ministries and include the Crown Investment Corporation and Treasury Board Crowns," Draude said.

This is in line with the definition of government institutions as found in The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, which includes ministries and Crown corporations. Details of which Crowns and other entities will be covered will be prescribed by Regulation, after the Bill is enacted.

"This is a positive move for the province, and for the Saskatchewan public service," Draude said. "I am pleased that we are moving forward to strengthen protection for employees, while increasing integrity and accountability in the public service."


For more information, contact:

Shelley Banks
Public Service Commission
Phone: 306-787-6479

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