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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Seeding for the 2009 crop is virtually complete, according to Saskatchewan Agriculture's Crop Report. Ninety-nine per cent of the crop is in the ground.

Across the province, 19 per cent of spring cereals have yet to emerge, 64 per cent have emerged and 15 per cent have reached the tillering stage. Among the fall-seeded crops, 53 per cent are in the tillering stage, 22 per cent are in the jointing stage, 16 per cent are in the shot-blade stage and seven per cent are in the heading stage. Forty-one per cent of the flax crop has yet to emerge, 48 per cent has emerged and nine per cent has reached the seedling stage.

Of the province's canola and mustard crops, 23 per cent have yet to emerge, 48 per cent have emerged and 24 per cent have reached the seedling stage. Eight per cent of the pea crop has yet to emerge, 59 per cent has emerged and 33 per cent is developing leaves.

The precipitation that some parts of the province received last week has improved the provincial average topsoil moisture situation. Cropland topsoil moisture is now rated at 66 per cent adequate, 27 per cent short and six per cent very short. Hay land and pasture moisture conditions are reported as 56 per cent adequate, 32 per cent short and 12 per cent very short. Very little precipitation fell in the west-central and northwestern regions of the province where crop, hay and pasture land is most in need of moisture.

Some crops are showing signs of stress from the frost that hit most of the province last week. There have been reports of canola and flax being reseeded. In addition to the frost and lack of moisture, flea beetles and gophers are also damaging crops.

Farmers are busy controlling weeds, picking rocks and hauling grain.


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