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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Canadians wanting to know more about the National Child Benefit (NCB) can

now log-on to as of today, National Child Day.

The Web site provides quick access to information about the National Child

Benefit initiative, including provincial and territorial programs and

services. The announcement was made today by the Human Resources

Development Canada Minister Jane Stewart and Social Services Minister Glenn

Hagel on behalf of Federal/Provincial/Territorial Ministers Responsible for

Social Services.

Developed jointly by federal/provincial and territorial governments,* the

site is organized to give Canadians information on the Government of Canada

and the NCB, provincial, territorial and First Nations National Child

Benefit programs and services; including success stories and a library of


The National Child Benefit, which includes a First Nations component, was

launched jointly by federal/provincial/territorial governments in 1998. It

was created to help prevent and reduce child poverty and to help low-income

families enter or stay in the labour force. Through the NCB, the

Government of Canada is providing income support directly to low-income

families with children. At the same time, provinces, territories and First

Nations communities are building on the programs, services and supports

that they provide to these families.

"The Government of Canada is encouraged that the National Child Benefit is

reaching those Canadians that need it the most and is making a difference

in the lives of low-income families," Stewart said. "We are working

together to give Canadians the income support they need and they can find

out more about the National Child Benefit on this new Web site."

"We are committed to providing Canadians with the best tools to inform

themselves about provincial and territorial National Child Benefit programs

and services and this Web site will help," Hagel said. "The NCB is working

and the Web site tells that story. This is just one way of showing how

Canadians are benefiting from the National Child Benefit."

Primary areas for provincial and territorial investments and reinvestments

include child/daycare, early childhood services/children-at-risk services;

child benefits/employment income supplements and supplementary health


"The Web site is a straightforward, comprehensive and accessible guide to

the National Child Benefit, which is an important advance in anti-poverty

and family policy," Caledon Institute President Ken Battle said. "Readers

will find a combination of descriptive accounts of the National Child

Benefit, valuable links to further information on initiatives in each

province and territory, and on First Nations communities and revealing case

studies from across Canada."

- 30 -

For more information, contact:

Elizabeth Clarkson

Minister Stewart's Office


Phone: (819) 953-2353

Bill Carney

Social Services


Phone: (306) 787-0916

*The Government of Quebec has stated that it agrees with the basic

principles of the National Child Benefit (NCB). Quebec chose not to

participate in the NCB because it wanted to retain control over income

support for the children of Quebec. On this news release, references to

joint programs of the federal, provincial and territorial governments do

not include Quebec.
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