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Saturday, April 18, 2015


Amendments to The Legislative Assembly and Executive Council Act introduced today will establish fixed election dates in Saskatchewan.

"We are a government that keeps its promises," Premier Brad Wall said. "During the election, we promised to take the political gamesmanship out of setting the date for voters to evaluate their provincial government. This Act turns that election promise into reality."

As has already been announced, the next general election in Saskatchewan will be held November 7, 2011, and every four years thereafter, on the first Monday of November.

The only exception will be if, for some reason, a government fails to retain the confidence of the Assembly. Then, the Premier would still be required to advise the Lieutenant Governor, who will have the option to dissolve the Assembly and call an earlier election.

The federal government along with several other provinces - including British Columbia, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador - already have fixed election date legislation in place.

"Before the next election, we will also be keeping our promise to restrict spending on government advertising in the lead-up to the election," Wall said. "These changes will prevent abuses like the nearly $1 million spent by the previous government on unbudgeted health care advertising, prior to the last election."


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