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Sunday, March 29, 2015


Culture, Youth and Recreation Minister Glenn Hagel announced today the appointment of a new youth member, Rachel Jane Jobb, to the Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) Board of Trustees.

"The Community Initiatives Fund profits from a vital link between the needs of Saskatchewan people and funding made available through the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation," Hagel said. "Ms. Jobb brings complementary knowledge and perspective which will be of great benefit to the CIF Board of Trustees."

From the northern community of Southend, Jobb has served on the Provincial Youth Advisory Committee in a leadership capacity as well as being highly active in human service delivery in her community.

"I am very excited to have earned this appointment," Jobb said. "It's pretty special to be a full member of a board that oversees the allocation of millions of dollars to help so many Saskatchewan people. It's a great responsibility and an incredible honour."

Ms. Jobb will replace retiring board member Guy Tournigy. Tournigy served the CIF Board of Trustees since 1996 and was excited to hear that youth will be represented on the board in his place. "The Community Initiatives Fund Board of Trustees is a progressive board that looks at innovative ways of addressing community needs. I was very proud to be a part of that and I appreciate the new direction of the CIF to include a youth member on the board," Touringy said.

Jobb's appointment as a youth member to the CIF Board of Trustees is a reflection of the government's commitment to include more Saskatchewan youth on provincial boards as full members.


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