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Sunday, March 29, 2015


The members of the independent panel that will engage stakeholders, with Chair Bob Pringle, as part of a comprehensive review of child welfare in Saskatchewan have been appointed.

Chaired by former Minister of Social Services and current Saskatoon city councillor and human services consultant Bob Pringle, the panel will include Howard Cameron of the Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation, April Durocher of Saskatoon (originally from Île-à-la-Crosse) and Carol Skelton of Harris.

"The membership of the independent child welfare review panel reflects the diversity of views in Saskatchewan, including First Nations, Métis, rural, urban and youth perspectives," Social Services Minister Donna Harpauer said. "Chair Bob Pringle and the rest of the panel members have my complete confidence and support as they embark upon this landmark review of child welfare in our province."

The child welfare review will go beyond an examination of the relevant provincial legislation to include all aspects of child welfare in Saskatchewan, including fostering, adoption, child protection and the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Extensive consultations with First Nations and Métis organizations and with other child welfare stakeholders will be an integral part of the review process.

"I'm extremely pleased by the expertise and diversity that my panel colleagues bring to these consultations and to this review of child welfare in Saskatchewan," Pringle said. "We are united in our resolve to help ensure that this review lays the groundwork for significant, lasting change and better outcomes for vulnerable children and families across Saskatchewan."

Consultations by the independent panel will take place this spring. The panel will provide non-binding recommendations in fall 2010 for the government's consideration.

The website address of the independent panel is and their email address is The panel's toll-free telephone number is 1-877-370-6511.

Chair Bob Pringle is the media spokesperson for the independent panel and can be contacted by members of the media at 1-877-370-6511.


For more information, contact:

Brian Miller
Social Services
Phone: 306-787-0531

Bob Pringle
Child Welfare Review
Phone: 1-877-370-6511

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