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Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Hunters will enjoy an additional day of hunting in Saskatchewan, with province-wide Sunday hunting for all game species and hunters beginning with the 2009 hunting season.

This will bring Saskatchewan in line with the vast majority of North American jurisdictions, which already have Sunday hunting.

"Sunday hunting will provide economic benefits to our rural economy and strengthen tourism and recreational hunting opportunities," Environment Minister Nancy Heppner said.

A 2006 economic evaluation of hunting done for the Ministry of Environment showed that the total hunting-related expenditure in the province was $107 million and hunting created the equivalent of 1,000 full-time jobs.

"Bringing in Sunday hunting will lead to an additional $9 million in total expenditures," Heppner added. That estimate is from a July 2008 survey and analysis contracted by the ministry.

The Ministry of Environment will continue to ensure that wildlife resources are managed to provide priority to First Nations and Métis people under their Aboriginal and Treaty rights, after conservation needs are met.


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