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Sunday, July 05, 2015


Graduate Retention Program
The Graduate Retention Program (GRP) is a refundable income tax credit to rebate up to $20,000 of tuition fees paid by eligible graduates. This initiative replaces the previous Graduate Tax Exemption beginning January 1, 2008.

Information on Graduate Tax Benefit Programs for post-secondary graduates from 2000 to 2007.
Gradworks is an internship program that works with Saskatchewan Crown Corporations to recruit talented, high potential graduates eager to put their education to work as paid employees in internship learning opportunities.
An apprenticeship style, on-farm skill training program.
The student employment program provides summer positions throughout the province. Positions can include park attendants, information clerks, highways workers and many more.
The Provincial Training Allowance is grant funding to assist with the costs of living for low income adult clients enrolled in basic education and bridging programs.
The purpose of Saskatchewan Health's Bursary program is to retain and recruit needed health care professionals to meet the needs of the people of Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Health Bursary is offered to students in a variety of health disciplines.
The Government of Saskatchewan is helping students finance their education as they plan for a prosperous future in the province.
Student Summer Works is a summer program designed to connect students to quality part-time and full-time employment.
Youth at Work has resources to help young people successfully transition into the workforce. This knowledge will help make their first work experiences more successful and rewarding. There are also resources for educators, employers and parents.

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